About Totalspan

We're proud of being a local manufacturer contributing jobs and wealth to the Australian economy. We design and make all our buildings right here in Australia. We're part of a team that's been around for over 30 years, so we can say with confidence that we stand behind every one of our buildings. We make 'em. We build 'em. We back 'em with a 25-year structural guarantee.

Great people

We have great people working as part of the Totalspan team right throughout the country. All of our consultants are trained to help you through the design and building process, whether you're building a garage, shed, or commercial building or heritage barn. We understand what your council will need, and can help you select the right building for your needs.

Right choice

Totalspan offers total choice. Whichever kind of garage, shed or steel building you're looking for, we have the perfect combination of sizes, colours, and specifications – with great features, and built tough, to stand up to Aussie conditions.

Who can? Totalspan!