Can you create my building with internal walls, or do you have a partner I can work with?

No one knows our buildings better than us, and we’d be happy to add internal walls to your new or existing Totalspan building where required. The ability to add walls will depend on the size and type of building you have built, but in most cases we will be able to work with you to accommodate your specific requirements. Just talk to your Totalspan builder for more details.

Are your buildings relocatable if we decide to shift in the future?

Absolutely. Because our buildings are modular, prefabricated, and lightweight despite being super-tough, there are many options for relocating a building to a new building site or section. While smaller structures can be moved while intact, larger buildings such as farm sheds can be partially disassembled, shifted, and then reassembled on your new site. Just call your local Totalspan builder for more details or to have your existing building assessed for relocation.

How long will it take to build?

We pride ourselves on offering a fast and effective service, and our customers are often astounded with how fast their buildings are completed. While our modular structure and highly capable crew ensures we can build quality quickly, the length of time it will take to get your building from the concept stage to a completed product will depend on the size of your building, how much excavation work is needed, and how fast council consents can obtained. Whether you’re planning garages, American barns or garden sheds for your property, your local Totalspan Franchisee will be able to give you an accurate estimate on time, so be sure to call them for a full outline of the building process.

We’re starting up our own business and need to build commercial premises. We’ll be starting out small, but can I expand the building once the business starts to grow?

That’s a fantastic idea – and an increasing number of our commercial customers are choosing to do just that. Why pay for a large building you’re not going to make full use out of when you’re just starting out? Once your business is growing and you find you need the extra space, we can extend your existing Totalspan building quickly and hassle-free thanks to our modular and customisable design.

We’re on a pretty tight budget at the moment – can we build the basics at the moment and then add accessories and special features later on?

Again – the flexibility to add-on at your convenience is one of the best things about building with Totalspan. We offer a comprehensive range of options and accessories, including everything from skylights and venting systems to shelving and mezzanine floors. Because we know our buildings inside out, we can add accessories quickly and easily when you need them – giving you even more flexibility in planning your budget.

We built a portal building with you last year to house some of our farming machinery. We’re really happy with it, but we now realise we probably should have built a bit bigger – can we expand it now?

Of course! One of the great things about Totalspan buildings is that they offer complete flexibility. The modular structure ensures you can easily and affordably add to them when you want to expand – meaning your building is future-proofed to continue to meet your needs in years to come. You can choose to add carports or a whole new building extension – the choice is entirely up to you.

I’m not sure which building solution is right for me. Where do I start?

The best place to start is by giving your local Totalspan team a call and having a no-obligation consultation with one of our experts about what you need. Whether you’re interested in a rural or residential building, garden sheds, or a commercial or farm structure, we can recommend the right product based on your current and future needs.

A building that is built to last is a big priority for me – how long are your buildings guaranteed for?

As a member of the Spanbild Holdings Ltd Group, offering buildings that will last for your family, your business, or your livelihood, is important to us as well. We offer a 25 year written structural guarantee, so you can rest assured your Totalspan building will stand the test of time.

I have some pretty specific ideas in mind – can your buildings be customised?

Yes we can. Because we control every aspect of the building process, including design and manufacturing, we can custom-design our high quality steel buildings, sheds and garages, barnhouses and a whole lot more to your specifications. Whatever your requirements, we're expert in creating the right solution for your project, and our design team can help you through every stage of the process.

How Strong are your structures? We need peace of mind that our buildings will be safe

Totalspan specialises in steel buildings – designed for durability, and long-lasting strength. Over the years we have developed a standardised building system, which includes the strongest possible connections, hold-down brackets, a clever aspects such as a 15-degree pitched roof – all combined with the ultimate in strength in mind. For more information about the strength of our steel frame buildings, read about our steel sheds and buildings features.

I prefer to support Australian made products when I can. Where do you source your materials?

So do we! Supporting other Aussie businesses and the local building industry is important to us, which is why the majority of our building materials are sourced locally in Australia. We also prefabricate all of our structures right here in Queensland, at our Crestmead based factory.  So whether you’re after Australian manufactured lifestyle buildings, farm sheds, or anything in between, you can rest assured we use the best quality Aussie materials. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!

I’m considering building a shed on our lifestyle block for extra storage. How do I work out what size I’ll need?

Knowing where to start can be the trickiest part! That’s why our franchise owners have loads of experience in working out what size building will best meet your needs. If you’re feeling stuck, get in contact with your local Totalspan builder – they’ll be happy to pop out for a site visit and to discuss your requirements, and are experts in giving you an idea of the right sized steel frame shed for your needs, and to fit your section.

What sort of cladding does Totalspan build with?

At Totalspan we are proud to supply only genuine Bluescope Colorbond®. Every Totalspan building is engineered to meet the strength and stiffness requirements of AS/NZS 4600 and our unique seven-rib 0.35mm steel cladding has been independently tested to prove its toughness and durability. To meet the individual needs of our customers we supply steel cladding in various thicknesses up to 0.55mm and also in a range of profi le styles such as corrugate, six-rib and seven-rib.

Your local Totalspan Franchisee can help you work through the options best suited to your project.